The business world is moving in favour of the smaller enterprise as trade barriers are removed. With appropriate advice and guidance, not just large corporations but those that are smaller and more flexible can take advantage of international economies of scale, and the globalization of many markets in goods and services.

The clientele of INPACT member firms range in size from high net-worth individuals and small family-owned businesses to large listed companies with cross-border interests.

Nevertheless, no matter their size, every client is given the same personal attention and dedicated service. That's because INPACT members, individually and collectively, are large enough to provide the high calibre of professional services that clients need, yet small enough to care about the clients as individuals.

The INPACT alliance has over 150 affiliated members around the world who offer a complete range of services that enables clients to pursue opportunities and operate efficiently, secure in the knowledge that members of INPACT are looking after their business interests.